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Our History

I was born and raised around dog my whole life.  My grandmother always had German Shepherds and when I was 7 my family welcomed our first Golden Retriever, Georgia, into our lives.  Georgia was from Sovanna kennels and started my love affair for the breed.  

In 2014, a few months after Georgia passed at 15.5 years old, we welcome our second Golden, Lamoni, from Savaneta Kennels, into our family.  Lamoni continued and created an obsession for the Golden Retriever breed and threw me into the world of dogs.  Together we competed in the show ring and across multiple different dog sports.  He truly is a great dog and my heart dog. 

In 2019, a young bitch by the name of Hurricane was born.  She was gifted to me by my good friend and breed mentor Paula Goodall of Savaneta Kennels. I cannot thank Paula enough for allowing me to start my own breeding with this beautiful girl.

We are very excited to start our journey, and are grateful for all those who have been supporting us along the way.

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